Friendship Quilt
A friendship quilt is a quilt that is made together with your friends. It's a nice way to be creative and at the same time to celebrate and strengthen your friendships. This quilt is made up jointly, each person can have their own block, or someone starts with a block and passes it on to the next person to continue. The final result is a quilt with a high emotional value.
Our group is working on a friendship quilt. Tiny has begun and has given  it to Marianne. And she must think about it, how to proceed further with the design. Then she has to sew a piece together with the piece from Tiny and pass it on again to the next one. Probably it will take a long time, since Marianne is currently very busy with various other projects!

Civil War project
The book "The Civil War Quilt Dairy" was written by Rosemary Young. It's about the lives (stories) of ten women during the Civil War (1861-1865) in America. In response to these stories they have made a quilt. A quilt that shows different blocks and each block has one (diary) story attached. These stories are about the events in their lives during the Civil War. It shows courage, tragedy, humor and love.
All members of The Patchfriends are busy with making these blocks. And eventually a quilt.
We do this with the project of Magdaleentje, Patchwork Quilt and Fabrics shop (a quiltshop, ).The fabrics which we use are reproductions from 1930's.
It's a fun project, the stories are very interesting to read, life at that time was not easy.

Comfort Quilts
As a group we were approached by someone from the Wilhelmina Hospital in Assen. They have requested us to make Comfort Quilts for seriously ill children. And of course we do these. We have recently delivered a quilt and it was a great success. The young child was so happy with the quilt!!!!
We are all busy with making some more comfort quilts. Every first Wednesday of the month we work together on this project. The only problem is the fabric. Quilt making requires a huge amount of fabrics and materials that cost a lot of money. So maybe there is a reader who has some materials left and would like to donate to our project Comfort Quilts. For details and information, please mail to:

We started the project flags. We're going to make a flag for each other, from which you can make a fabric sling. Greetje is preparing this project and will lead the project. Each flag is going to be made with a theme.