The Group

The group was formed in 1998, we had a period that we have had eleven members. But at the moment it is a bit small, there are three members: one of which lives abroad (Scotland) .
Once a week, on Wednesday morning, we come together. We are working on those things which we are currently making, or one of our projects, exchange experiences on all aspects of quilting (and patchwork).
And of course we drink coffee. Our member from abroad joins us through Skype.

But first, let's explain what is actually quilting and patchwork.
It comes down to the following: you have different fabrics  and  you cut them into pieces to seam  a pattern. By different colors and patterns, you get a unique effect. Most patchwork is made up of blocks, which are first made separately (patched) and are then put together. As the whole piece is sewed together, you have the first layer of your quilt (the "top"). Then you have to provide a back and batting. These three layers together are called the "sandwich". 
These three layers are put together with small stitches (= quilting), and then you have a patchwork quilt. Quilting the three layers is necessary to attach the layers together. You can decorate by quilting a nice quilt pattern or using beads or other ornaments.